how to remove a woofer from b@w801n

I am from the Philadelphia area and would like to send my woofers to Miller Sound.  for renovation . in order to do it I  need to remove them from the cabinet . my question  is it hard shall I get a technician to do it or shall I do it myself thx in advance 




make that 0.5 cent connector.

Have you ever looked at the innards of many highly respected speakers, vintage, the models that made those brands/models famous?

you will be shocked at the small gauge wires, no special insulation or special properties, .... I seriously doubt it was silver solder.

function, ability for an unskilled person, unlikely to have soldering tools or experience to remove/install a driver, just to ship it to someone for repair is paramount.

my AR-2ax sounded great. They didn’t have a problem, just ancient. I changed the Level Controls (known to be problematic), upgraded the crossover, used connect/disconnect bullets .... which allow for solving any problem, during that or future innards work, and

they sound great, better? Confidence, YES!


I watched/helped a tech remove my 801N woofers.  The driver is held in by the perimeter screws, and there is a paper gasket around the edge.  IIRC the connectors are not hard-wired.  Removal is much easier with the speaker laying on it's back.  The screws are removed and a bent or curved pick (or maybe a screwdriver) can be inserted into a screw hole to pry the driver up enough to grasp with your fingers.  I recommend having a helper especially if removal is tried with the speaker standing up.

Not difficult but take your time and be careful...


I replaced a driver in a B&W 803. Remove the screws. Unplug the connectors. Easy peasy.