How to remove harshness from my digital gear

Some help would be appreciated here.

I want to replace my dac and transport(moon dac3+ classe cdt-1 trans)In my system whit my ears i find this combo harsh and bright. It is the reason why i want to replace it. I was thinking about raysonic or cary tube cd player but i cannot ear one of them before taking my descision.

Any one have experimented moon gear vs cary or raysonic.
Between cary or raysonic wich one would be the less bright and the more liquid.

MY system: Dynaudio contour s5.4
Moon w3 amp
Marantz sc11-s1 preamp
All my cable have a neutral sound signature

Thank you
I'm surprised nobody as ever discussed the use of DSP effects processing with computer audio files. For example, I have used an effect within Foobar called PSP Vintage Warmer with excellent results. Even while processing audio tracks on the fly, I have never experienced drop outs or pops and clicks due to lack of computing horsepower. In my experience, just tweaking some of the presets I was able to get remarkably close to the tube sound that I like while rolling off the highs to satisfactory levels to where my ears experience no loss in quality. I agree that jitter reduction is fundamental, however I guess you can throw a number of expensive cables, unorthodox tweaks and buffering devices at your setup but I don't honestly see how it's any different then just altering the file to your taste digitally. I also think that a clever enough developer can most likely replicate the "house sound" of any brand of audio gear and create a sound signature that can be applied via DSP effect such that swapping gear in an out of your system would seem pointless. Good way to kill an engaging hobby, I guess - but aren't we pretty much "there yet"?
Good comments from Audioengr regarding CD read problems, but as a Redbook man with an ARC CD5, I find it ironic that as the demand for CD is dying, the mastering and production quality of a CD is at an all-time high. (very high quality for jazz and classical).
"06-23-13: Geoffkait
Rrog, I can certainly understand what you mean, everything's relative. Weird the way we get used to the distortions , eh?"

Like the distortions in vinyl?
Sloth - I recommend against using any kind of band-aids to solve system issues, however there is a role for DSP and that is:
1) speaker correction
2) room correction

With the advent of ultra-transparent EQ tools like that in Amarra player, this is not only possible, but will elevate the SQ of any system.

Most speakers don't have perfect crossovers or room response, so they need a little EQ.

ALL rooms have resonances on both axis. Reducing the effect of these room resonances improves bass clarity significantly and makes bass much more enjoyable.

I use this EQ in all of my systems and at shows with great effect (many best of shows).

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Lowrider - what can I say? Its the internet and free MP3 music that killed the CD.

Better transfer them to SS memory before the ones you have start degrading. They eventually degrade.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio