How to replace stolen music?

Recently, during one of my infrequent trips to what passes for a city in Vermont, I foolishly left my truck unlocked while I went into a record store for 5 minutes. Upon returning, two large cd wallets were gone, lifted to prop up a junky's habit, no doubt.

Now I have approximately 100 empty jewel cases and lonely liner notes--mostly indie/punk rock, with some 60's stuff and a smattering of bebop.

My question is: what is the right way/best way to replace these tunes? I'm more into vinyl than anything else, so I have no experience with file-sharing or other digital downloading. I did pay for all this music, so is it ethically permissible and legal for me to replace the stolen software by burning it from someone else's collection? And if that is defensible, then what's the best way to go about it? (I understand that Oink's Pink Palace and other sites were recently raided; the RIAA is reputed to be involved.)

Perhaps I should re-buy the albums from i-tunes or the like, in order to further support the artists? Or do I simply buy new duplicate cds and/or vinyl to replace the missing titles...hmmm.

I'm interested to know what you would do.

Thanks, Dan.
If you have software on your computer that can burn music than start knocking on your friends doors and burn what they have to replace what you lost. As far as itunes I have heard the sound suffers when you crank it up. If there is a place in town that sells used ,go there and cherry pick through the selections and buy what is mint and also whatever music store you were at if they sell used stuff make sure you tell them what happened and discribe your collection,maybe the person who took it might get caught and spend a few nights in the pokie. But in the future burn stuff for your truck,leave the originals at home. Also you might want to join BMG AND Columbia Music Club. Between the two of them you can get 20 to 25 free CD's when you purchase five Cd's. I mean your going to have to buy Cd's anyway so after you purchase the contract amount cancel.
Steal it back?
More seriously, see what you insurance will do for you first, then since you know what you lost, figure out what you really want to replace, perhaps all but maybe not, and then for me, it is strictly vinyl or SACD, and yes go to ebay to audiogon to buy used.
Good listening and good luck
ALl the shops in NJ know me and I am pleased to say the PRX called the cops, had the guy arrested, and called me to go to the cop shop to process him. Loved every second
Sorry for the loss. Amazon sells some DRM free downloads at great byte rates. I paid $9.00 for Alison Krauss, A Hundred Miles or More. The was byte rate was at 256kbps. I think iTune is only 128.