How to reply to questions about stereo cost?

How much did you pay for that? I could by a car for that. We already have a car.
You could send your kids to college for that much money.
My kids are lazy and stupid. They think they are gonna inherit the money I'm spending on this stereo.
What does your wife say? I can't hear when the stereo is playing.
It's already depreciated. I bought it used.
cheaper than that boat, motorcycle, camper, etc. that sits gathering dust in your garage.
Just lie! But make it a suitible whopper to fit the personality of your guest. I usually tell folks its old vintage tubed equipment from the 60's, but some I tell that, believe it or not, it cost more than my 'Rolex". I never actually give someone an real number. I let them fill that in with their imagination. :-)
No one has asked me in years (except my insurance agent). The only time $$$ comes up is when an impressed guest asks me to suggest a system for him/her. Then I ask what they can spend.