How to reply to questions about stereo cost?

How much did you pay for that? I could by a car for that. We already have a car.
You could send your kids to college for that much money.
My kids are lazy and stupid. They think they are gonna inherit the money I'm spending on this stereo.
What does your wife say? I can't hear when the stereo is playing.
It's already depreciated. I bought it used.
I really don't know and have not needed any excueses. I hooked with an 'ENABLER'. Actually that has it's own unique issues.
"I don't sell black tar heroin on the weekends for my health." (From Viridian)
That's the best one! Thanks.

What's with Americans always asking what everything you own costs? It's so tacky and rude!
iT'S My stereo or divorce. Oh well, been married to her 45 yrs so I guess my wife has to go!
Tacky? You may have something there!(Black Tar Heroin) ... Rude? I guess that's a matter of opinion ........... it's the American way!
"as much as a year of your cigarettes", "less than cable that still costs when you're not home to watch it", or everybody's got something",
and rarely "we can see what you're ready to spend when you're seriously looking".