How to run 2 tape decks off a Bryston BP25 preamp?

Hello All,
I have a Bryston BP-25 preamplifier in my home audio system and want to add a second tape deck. Since the preamp has only one tape loop, I need an external switching unit that will allow me to interface two consumer-grade audio tape decks to the BP-25 and select between them. Do any of you know of a good quality matrix switcher with RCA ins/outs that would allow me to switch the preamp tape to/from jacks between two tape decks with only one switch operation? Or, would I be able to use Y-connectors at the preamp jacks and split the tape to/from signal between the 2 tape decks without running into impedance or other problems? Would I risk damage to the preamp circuitry to try this?
--Steve W.
Could you run the pre-tape out to deck 1 in, deck 1 out to deck 2 in, deck 2 out to pre tape in?
You might try looking at some graphic eq's that have two tape monitors loops. The one I have in the closet (ADC I think) has this feature, howevever, it is a two button funtion, ie. one controls the source (tape A or B) the other controls the record mode (A to B, B to A, or both?).
You could also bypass the eq. or add eq to your recordings.
Hope this helps.
Daisy chaining the tape decks might be a problem since one is DAT and the other is analog. If I set up the chain with the analog deck first in line, analog monitoring during recording and analog playback of prerecorded material would probably be colored by the AD-DA converters in the DAT deck, which I beleive does not use a straight analog pass through when in "source" mode. My Sony PCMR300 DAT deck seems to have better (brighter?) high frequency response and a little more detail (digital edginess?)than my venerable Yamaha K-1020. But the idea is worth an experimental trial. And I will also look into graphic equalizers with eq. bypass. Thanks for the suggestions.
--Steve W.
niles (jr music world?) has a tape dubbing box for 3 decks.
decent mid-fi quality. cost around $80.
I have been looking around the web quite a lot about this issue and have settled on a DBX program route selector, if I can find a nice used one. The product line is no longer made by the current company, but seems to be exactly what I need to switch between as many as 3 tape decks run off of one preamp tape loop. Thanks for all the help above.
Regards to all,
Steve W.