How to select a good Speaker Cable

Speaker cables do have a significant role in how our system sounds. Different cables sound different. 

So which one is the right one for you?

The Speaker Cable is an extension of the Amp. and not an addition to the speaker's load. It shall have a certain resistance (low) not to spoil the Amp's DF figure. As so, it can be calculated and there is a formula to do it.

The higher the Amp's DF, the lower the Speaker Cable's resistance shall be. As today SS power Amp's get DFs of 400 and above (Digital Amps go by thousands) the cable of 10 ft (3m) long, gets as thick as 0 AWG.

I can see your eyebrows elevates, when that thick cable is to be deal with. Most Speaker Cable makers skip it because of that. So most cables on the market (regardless of the look or price) are of 14-12 AWG. Way less that supposed to be.

Worst! no Speaker Cable maker, dealer or seller knows the answer, of what is the correct cable for your system. 

So most of us ended up, with a cables too thin for the task.

A conducted test, on this site, about a year ago as well as with some closer friends, shows a significant improvement with a calculated size cable over their previous cable. The results were all positive and preferred the calculated cable.

So, instead of asking: which of two brands, or two prices or two colors of Speaker Cable do I need, you should ask how thick of a Speaker Cable do I need.

I'll be happy to provide you the calculation, for who request it. All you need to provide is:

1). Length (Ft. or meter)

2). The Amp's DF figure.


Mr. vinylshadow

There is a post in my mailbox, that is missing here. For a reason...?

1. Yes, I know Jeff Rowland.
2. No, I didn't hear your model playing.
3. I never tend to say if DF of a 100 is good or bad. It is relatively low for power amps. Most have more...Just a fact.
4. Never thought to undermine anyone 's equipment. It was your choice to buy it, and I respect it.
So please no offence regarding low, mid or high DF. It is what it is.
However, I do sincerely apologize if I hurt any feelings. Never meant such to happen. 

Thanks b4icu! According to your calculations and experience, in my case, would a wire thicker than #16 AWG actually hurt sound quality, or would it just be diminishing benefit?
@b4icu Your DF calculation, while doing no harm and perhaps optimizing one aspect of making a proper connection, is overly simplistic and has no direct relationship to the effects the cable inherently impresses upon the net sound of your system.  To seriously think this is a panacea is laughable, bordering on delusional!  I have used such theories and cable experiments for the last 40 years.  I have also owned $20k cables.  One size does not fit all...on the other hand, having a very small minded solution to a complex problem is naive and misguided at best.