How to select a good Speaker Cable

Speaker cables do have a significant role in how our system sounds. Different cables sound different. 

So which one is the right one for you?

The Speaker Cable is an extension of the Amp. and not an addition to the speaker's load. It shall have a certain resistance (low) not to spoil the Amp's DF figure. As so, it can be calculated and there is a formula to do it.

The higher the Amp's DF, the lower the Speaker Cable's resistance shall be. As today SS power Amp's get DFs of 400 and above (Digital Amps go by thousands) the cable of 10 ft (3m) long, gets as thick as 0 AWG.

I can see your eyebrows elevates, when that thick cable is to be deal with. Most Speaker Cable makers skip it because of that. So most cables on the market (regardless of the look or price) are of 14-12 AWG. Way less that supposed to be.

Worst! no Speaker Cable maker, dealer or seller knows the answer, of what is the correct cable for your system. 

So most of us ended up, with a cables too thin for the task.

A conducted test, on this site, about a year ago as well as with some closer friends, shows a significant improvement with a calculated size cable over their previous cable. The results were all positive and preferred the calculated cable.

So, instead of asking: which of two brands, or two prices or two colors of Speaker Cable do I need, you should ask how thick of a Speaker Cable do I need.

I'll be happy to provide you the calculation, for who request it. All you need to provide is:

1). Length (Ft. or meter)

2). The Amp's DF figure.


Mr. dave_b

Owning equipment gets you no knowledge about it. So your bumptious response gets you no advantage. Its only a miserable attempt of a shallow character. All you may say is that you can afford the equipment.

Instead of wasting time (yours and mine) arguing a subject you do not understand, just try it. If you would do, and get different results, we could have a conversation. As all you have to bring to the table, is a negative attitude, statements of ownership and tones of ignorance, I see no point to keep arguing with you.
I agree there is no point in telling a flat lander that there is a third dimension.  FYI, already mentioned I tried many a such panacea touted as a remedy for the common audiophile.  Happy delusional listening 👂 
Sorry for your fixed minded and narrow view, that gets you to the conclusion that trying more, gets you somewhere. It can only tell you that all passed attempts failed. Otherwise, how would you explain the rest of your endless trying ?
The one who is delusional is you. If you would follow, rather than argue, you could nail it on the first attempt. Would that be better and less costly?
What insights do you have from all your tries?
Try more?
Do you know what characteristics of one cable' of all tries, prevails on another cable? Would getting more of that would get you a better sound?

Your say only proves, that you spent a lot of time (and money) for nothing. 
If you would have the knowledge, it would save you all that.
This is the advantage of knowledge over ignorance. 
Dave, some knowledge don't hurt.
Ignorance does. 
This debate, over something I extensively tested and approved, over you, who never tried is an absurd. 
You miss the’s the journey I have enjoyed and with it followed first hand experience with a world of audio you could only dream of.  Question though, where have you posted the extensive work and commensurate array of equipment, including source material, with comparative analysis of other cables ($100 to say $10k).

Mr. Dave_b

Enjoy the journey. It will never end. However thanks for enlightening the followers, it is "first hand experience" rather some understanding or knowledge. It is sad and disappointing, to find out after so long that you are as ignorant you were when your journey started. It is comforting that at least you had enjoyed that nothing.

You know that your request is impossible to fulfil, as cable makers do not provide spec. information. For a reason.  So what can we compare with? Your joy?