How to setup a home theater system

Hey guys,

I know most of you are experts in the field, but I wrote an article on how to setup a basic home theater system for those looking for very basic advice and a couple of hand sketched connection diagrams:

Would love some feedback..


Your Bottom Line statement "If you can't enjoy music coming out of your I phones speakers, you can't enjoy them on high fidelity state of the art equipment either" is a laughably absurd statement. It's akin to saying if you can't enjoy the movie by hearing the soundtrack on the TV's built in speakers you won't enjoy them on a good surround system. And what is with all the attacks on "Audiophiles"? Yes they spend time improving there system and yes some of them do fuss with the equipment more than listen to the music but I can say the same for countless motor heads I've personally met who polish their motorcycles endlessly or are adding this or that chrome piece but never spend any real amount of time riding.

PS-After spending 15 minutes time today twiddling on my "Audiophile" system, which ended up improving the sound slightly, I got so excited that I spent hours pulling out music I had not listened to in a long time to enjoy it all over again.

PSS-I envy the people who can enjoy compressed music (read I phone) through a pair of ear buds. Would have saved me a bunch of money and time. And if ear buds is all you need than how come full size expensive headphones are such a big market these days?

PSSS-The next time someone attacks your passion for motor vehicles because they can not relate to getting all excited about the feel of the shifter you might want to remember the belittling statements in your own article.
Dear Jjrenman,

Firstly, I thank you for taking the time to read through my article. Please bear in mind that this article was focused on those looking for basic advice, but yes it is quite opinionated as well. In response to your comments,

By iPhone speakers I was referring to the emphasis on the love of music over equipment which is what I really think a music lover rates highest.

By a conventional audiophile, I was referring to someone who spends more time tweaking his equipment than listening to music which I think defeats the purpose of being an audiophile in the first place. This of course is not an attack on audiophiles.

I beg to differ on your point about bike and motor car lovers who spend a lot of time on their car and bikes. The prime difference being that a motor head is more of an equipment lover than a lover of traveling. The equipment and its feel is of more importance than getting from point A to point B which is different from a music lover who loves music more than the equipment.

And yes, portable devices today have advanced far more in terms of audio quality which is why you see top brands coming with iPod docks. Another reason why the headphone market is picking up - great quality compressed music.

Again, no attacks intended - only my point of view.
With all due respect, your instructions and diagrams can be found in the user
manual of any AV receiver and your personal opinions had devalued the rest.

Personal opinions are perfectly fine for a message board posting but in my
opinion, they are inappropriate for an instructional article. I wish you would
have left them out and just stated the facts instead.
Dear Sidssp,

Your comment is indeed very true, and I re-iterate the fact that the diagrams are for basic readers which you are apparently not and can definitely be found in any user manual.

I respect your opinion about personal opinions and I hope you can respect mine as well.

Thanks for reading !
I agree with the above posters. You really are putting a label on a group of people and insulting them. I would delete all references to audiophiles and say something along the lines of: "Even though it takes time and effort to set up your system properly, don't fall into the trap of constantly tweaking your system to the detriment of actually enjoying it." That way you will be telling people how to do it right, rather than criticising other people for doing it wrong.