How to Setup Your Room for Atmos and Immersive Audio

I think this video by the Dolby Institute is targeted at professionals but the principals translate to the home. You’ll notice that they don’t use the ceiling speakers pointing straight down but bookshelves that are angled toward the MLP. The other thing you’ll notice is that all of the bed channel speakers are at the same height (that includes the center channel). At 16:00 minute in the video make sure to watch the part about room tuning, very helpful as to what DSP can and cannot do:

" I feel like money spent on this type of help (room treatments and acoustics) will be more valuable than any piece of gear you will ever buy"




Is it possible my room sounds better without DSP

DSP is limited in what it can do. If you post your measurements there will be a before and after graph and we can discuss.

I use fib ratios for placing seats, placing panels, not really for equipment.

The HST speakers place the woofer on the back, about 2 inches from the wall, facing it. Two tweeters angled out at left and right directions. It worked better for my room than traditional on walls.

Pair Infinity Reference RS152 Surround Speakers with Hemispherical ...

Infinity Reference RS152 2-Way Surround Speakers RS152BK B&H




Does this give you any ideas for your home atmos studio:

Studio D 1

Studio D – Dolby Atmos, Post-production & Mastering

Studio D is a our new mixing, mastering, and music production studio featuring an Avid S6 48-channel digital mixing console with Dolby Atmos 7.4.1 surround sound designed by world-reknowned studio designer John Storyk. 


You were thinking about dropping six figures on some speakers or getting some new gear. The answer you are looking for is in the post above. How many clients would you get if you took that budget and invested it to have a guy with a rep like Storyk design your home studio?

"The sound guy from Titanic will mix your content in immersive audio in his studio designed by World Renowned Studio Designer_______________ (Storyk, etc)."

That would immediately give you creds in BOTH communities, pro and audiophile. Case closed.


So I took the idea from the Trinnov guide you posted to move my top middle surround atmos speaker from above the MLP (where they doubled as VOG for auro 3d) to top rear (right above the surround speakers so they now double as auro 3D surround height channels). Since I moved the speakers I took the opportunity to get new speaker wire (audioquest G-2 in bulk for the long run) and change the amp ( from a parasound Z amp to a Carver AV505), I also installed a new single VOG channel above the MLP. Now my center height, VOG, and top rear speakers are all being driven by the same Carver 5 channel amp. So I fired it up after redoing my calibration and everything sounds smoother. Before I could slightly localize the top middle speakers and now in the new location they blend much better forming that nice immersive bubble. It was a bit of a pain running the speaker wires but it actually looks better to. I’ll need to rewire the new VOG channel next week, I ran out of cable. Well worth the effort and thanks for posting that guide 👍