How To Ship Heavy Speakers With Insurance?

The seller of a pair of B&W N802 speakers and I are having the most difficult time finding a shipper for his set of N802's to me. It is from Georgia to Colorado.

We cannot ship via regular Fedex or UPS as each speaker in its box is around 195lbs. Fedex and UPS limit their shipments to 150lbs per parcel.

When you move up to their freight services they only insure their packages for a vlaue of $0.10/pound, meaning if you ship 195lb speakers, you could get a maximum payout of $19.50 if something goes wrong. As we know these speakers are worth much more than that.

Just wondering what people have used in the past to ship and insure very heavy speakers?


Contact a company called Service by Air.

They are excellent to work with and reasonably priced. Most importantly they take good care of your package and will insure for value of item.
I am about to ship a pair of Verity Audio Parsifals very reasonably priced and fully insured with a company called pilot air. They have distribution centers in Atlanta and Denver. You may look into them.