How to stabilize speakers without spikes.

My wife won! In the interest of domestic tranquility I have relented. After living with carpet over wood floors and spikes on my speakers for many years, my wife wants to have a wood floor (maybe tile) installed in our house. I've always used spikes in my Vandersteens (2Ci) to stabilize them with a slight front tilt upward. What would you pros do now? As always, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

I recommend you try Soundcare Superspikes ( and they won't scratch your wooden floors.
Although my original post got lost in Audiogon never-never land, agree with Wellfed recommending Herbie's "Big Fat Black Dots".
Maybe there should be a contest to invent a more elegant name for these superb footers?
The impressive audible improvement is not critically dependent on the material beneath a "Dot".
Simply position a single floor tile under the front of each speaker raising the floor height just under the front of the speaker. Then the two front "Dots" go on top of this tile.
As far as floor material for an entire room, wood is traditionally better than tile when trying to reduce glare or listener fatigue. At least that's how it seems after listening to systems in many different environments.
Many years ago I owned the 'steens with sound anchor stands. I had wood floors and I simply put pennies with little felt dots on the bottom under the spikes. The whole operation probably cost about 10 cents.
Thanks folks for all your considerations. At least I now have options and options are always good! After years of playing (and buying) I felt that I had finally reached that place where I was pretty happy with the sound. And now this! The one plus here is that once a new floor is in, (That's the deal) I can start looking for new speakers. Geez, what we do to support our hobby!

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