How to stream youtube and/or music videos on my TV

My current system consists of two Classe Audio DR-8 amps and a DR-5 preamp.  I enjoy streaming youtube videos on my tv and listening thru my stereo system (mostly 1980's music videos).  I currently use an older Apple TV and Apple Mac thru Airplay to watch my videos on TV.  However, the Airplay does not seem to be a great way to watch the videos since the quality seems a little degraded and the wifi connection seems to be choppy at times from the Airplay (if I connect my laptop to the pre-amp using a cable the videos are better quality and the wifi choppiness is not present).  

Any suggestions as to the best way to watch videos on the tv so I can hear the music through my speakers?  Did not know if there was some other piece of equipment I could use to make things easier.  Guess I am getting old and I am not up to date with newer equipment and technology.  

Also, will my Classe Audio DAC-1 help with the sound quality of videos I watch from online?


Since it appears you are an Apple guy, get a Mac Mini and connect to your TV via HDMI, then digital audio out of the TV to your DAC-1. Basically just turning your TV into a computer with endless possibilities.