How to tame remote volume control on TAD-150


So finally I got the Signature TAD-150 Preamp along with TAD-60 Poweramp from Paul at It sounds awsome ... just as described by all, but I have practical losgitical issue.

The gain on TAD-150 shoots up very quickly - giving me just two or three steps on remote to reach at good listening volume. I am allowed to listen to music mostly at low to low-med listening volumes.

Is there any solution for it?
Are there other preamps at this price range where the volume pot gain has gradual slope instead of shooting up quickly.

Speakers - Von Schweikert VR1 with VRS Sub
TRL modded Sony SACD
Signal Cables

i would get some fixed, inline attenuations. give Ric at EVS a call. Else, can the manufacter modify the preamp for less gain, or perhaps provide a different pot with the taper control you want?
Thanks all for your replies.

1. My whole family on one side - me, my baby and my sound system on the other side. Its tough. My one year old enjoys jazz, classical, blues, blue-grass, religious at good listening volumes. For Everyone else - its mostly noise.

2. Reducing volume control of power-amp reduces the dynamics. I have discussed this matter with Paul - he agrees with it. I cannot sacrifice detail and dynamics over this overshooting volume control.

3. I feel that having a volume control on Poweramp is an unnecessary part in the signal path. On the other hand having focus control - to control the amount of feedback is a great feature - as the amount of negative feedback would vary with speakers and personal taste - I keep mine at 9 O'clock - having some control without overdamping and making music darker.

4. Paul is working on a solution for reducing overall gain - I am waiting on that.

5. I am seriously considering going to hybrid integrated - as my family is having a hard time dealing with hot tubes and turning pre amp and power amp (bad for me as I am enjoying tube sound). I just feel that it will be hard to get the value at this price. Unico, Pathos, DK Designs, they are all pricey - of course I'd be willing to get used. I was also considering consonance - but not sure ...

6. Paul has tried to put too many features on his pre and power and overlooked some design essentials. Sure the performance on both pre and power is steller at this price. About a few days ago - a fellow audiophile was listening to a CD (6 moons Sampler - highly recommend) and he was stunned. He was attributing it to the TRL modded Sony SACD, but I think it was the whole system of which TAD-150 and TAD-60 are part of.

7. I bought TAD as part of the 1st wave - I did my several weeks (months?) wait.

8. Be sure to either replace the stock feet or put isolation underneath. I have isol-pads under and they do good job in reducing noise-floor and increasing detail.

9. I have both EL-34 and Tungsol 6550 - they both have different flavor - EL-34 is more musical and 6550 has more muscle.

Paul has did a tweek on the volume pot so now I can actually live with.

I also looked into inline attenuators from EVS - that's an excellent procut. I may buy it but I am hesitant as it will be another part in the signal path.

Thank you all.