How to upgrade from Aragon 4004 mkII amp

Aragon 4004 mkII owners what amp did you upgrade to when you moved on? Did you regret selling the amp? How was your new amp better versus the 4004 mkII?

I am an original 4004 mkII owner and have an upgrade bug but don't want to spend money to just spend money.

Thanks - Jack
Jack -

I think it mainly depends on system synergy... I like my Aragon but someday I want to get a McCormack (I think) - lotsa bang per buck.

What the McC seems to offer (in my system) over the Aragon is an ease and "natural" refinement along with the Aragon "Oomph!" that its famous for.

But meanwhile I am hanging on to mine until I upgrade my preamp (I think)...

Your best bet is to audition in your system if possible.

Good Luck!
- DeeCee
I started with a 2004 that was eventually upgraded to MKII. Then purchased a 4004 which I also upgraded to MKII. I sold the 4004 and purchased a 8008BB (old school) and love it. Works great with my B&W N805Sigs. Sold the 2004MKII recently.

Good luck,
If your speaker is efficient (>= 90dB), go get Aleph amp ! The improvement is significant. If not ML 331 or Pass Labs X-x50 is a good one.