How will the COVID-19 pandemic affect sites like Audiogon?

One would think that with social distancing and shelter in place policies, there has never been a better time for upgrading and enjoying your audio system.   But is now the time to buy and sell?  The mass unemployment and economic distress accompanying the pandemic seems certain to undermine what is essentially a luxury market encompassing both gearheads and music lovers?  What effects on buying and selling audio gear — both short and long term — can we foresee?
Am I hearing you correctly?
 Is this a bad joke?

Or are you criticizing your country and warning us that your the enemy? The US has always been someone to trust for Canada pre Trump. Are you saying not anymore. I hope our great friendship continues as always.

Let me just got it right. I don't know about Canadians but if pushed hard enough Americans will come and take.

OP... good thoughts there.

forum activity should go up. 

sales may see some down turn briefly.

thev irus to worry most about is the spin C19 is accumulating, not the gvirus itself. simply look at the numbert  in the ratio of affected vs non affected. its ma iniscule shot at being infected, and if one's health is not already strained, the odds are very good for a complete recovery.

is C19 sopmething to  be concerned about? of course. its ot something to be frantically feared however.
it is a great reminder that we should be taking the same sensible heealthy precautions we should ALWAYS be taking. so to that extent this episode should alter the social health  norms in a gfod way. at least for a while.
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