How would you characterize Herron?

I've read enough good things about the Herron amps and preamp that I'm interested in them. They seem to have lately updated them to improve some leanness in the low end too. Unfortunately, the one local Herron dealer is no longer a retail store so i can't demo them. Keith Herron has offered them with a 30 day trial. But before I do that I'd like to hear some additional characterizations and thoughts on the Herron components, and I'd like to hear how many people pair the Herron preamp with the amps? I'm curious about the tubed preamp/SS amp combo. These components have been characterized in reviews as musically accurate, but what exactly would that mean?

I have a sizable Craftsman-style room (lots of wood, but padded furniture too and rugs). I like mostly acoustic music, but sometimes opt for something with oomph too. My speakers are pretty efficient and my source is high-quality and smooth. I've found that the large room seems to exagerate any leanness in the low end. I'm looking for a keeper system.

Thanks for your input.
As a dealer for Heron you can take what I say as you wish.My partener uses the tube pre with the SS monoblocks and loves them.He is running them with VR5 HSEs.Keith Heron has superb customer service and constantly tweeks his gear to get the most out of it.I would take him up on his offer.
Keith and his wife are really nice folks.....They always have very good sound at the CES where we run into each other every year....Without opening your wallet quite a bit wider will you find much that is any better designed, built or sounding....
As far as I know that you might get an additional 10...15% discount(you should certainly ask for that) if you buy directly from Heron.