HP or Dell for computer listening ?

Can't choose really, seem to be the same. I am mostly concerned about reliability since both would be adequate for what I need. I will be using Burson Audio Play as an outboard dac/headphone amp.
What is your advice ? Oh, under $1k computer, nothing fancy.
Regarding reliability alone, in the last decade as an IT exec I have sourced and supported probably around 5k laptops, all either Dell or HP.

I give Dell the edge for reliability and serviceability, especially right out of the box. An unnatural number of HP machines arrived DOA.

In the sub-$1k category it's more a horse-apiece. Just stay away from refurbs and get the service plan.
Thank you all. I will most likely get Dell and hope that I'll get lucky with it for the next three years. I wouldn't count on more.
Using an off the shelf PC for music usually isn’t recommended because of the large amount of noise, electrical and otherwise, that can affect sound quality.

True dat, but there are software such as JPlayFemto specifically designed to help with this...
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