Hrrmmm..What a difference..Now must move speakers


I was curious to know if anyone has ever experienced the following scenario:

You replaced an XLR cable or RCA cable between your DAC and your Preamp or your Preamp and Amp and the difference was so great or obvious, for the better, that it required you to have to reposition your speakers to take advantage of all the new found information being presented?

I will not name the brands of cable that this occurred with to avoid a proverbial pissing match but I will say that this happened to me recently and I found it very enlightening and scary at the same time as both brands are well known and respected in the cabling market and both are fairly expensive.

In my case I replaced a line level RCA cable pair with a Balanced XLR cable pair between my DAC and Preamp.

DAC is a BelCanto DAC3
Preamp is a Ayre K-5xeMP

Thanks for your input
Replace my subwoofer rca cable with a balanced cable and the increase in weight was so dramatic I had to change the position of my sub. Sub was a JL F110. Had a well known rca cable and replaced it with Crystal Clear Audio Master Series.
I think the fact that Ayre is a balanced design, and thus reaches it's best potential using balanced inputs may have been a significant factor here, in other words, you may be comparing apples and oranges here in regard to your specific setup. Compare two balanced interconnects... and the results might be different.
yes I frequently have to change toe-in after a cable change to reoptimize soundstage.
Isn't the repositioning of the speakers a lot of the change you're hearing? Just curious.