HT amp for music- please help

The decorator is coming and my wife has asked me to pair things down. I need to buy a 5 channel amp that will take on both 2 channel and movies.

My musical tastes run across the entire spectrum except electronica. Vocals, jazz, blues, country, folk-
I mean Dylan to Puchini

My current and steady amp is a Muse 160 which I have had in my system since buying it new. What can slip in as a replacement that wont leave me flat. Movies are really secondary as it all sounds pretty good to me, but music is what I spend most of my time with.

I am not going to drop a ton on an amp as I don't think it's needed. The Muse has been great and I simply want something that I can enjoy at least as much.

Parasound, Theta, ATI all come to mind.

Would someone please throw their thoughts into the ring- As an avid AG participant, I will not get to listen before buying so I want to be able to make the best possible decision based on this limitation.

Emotiva keeps popping up and I know the haters abound but it looks like a well build product and for a grand...

My mains are AP Tempo 3 rated at 4ohm - not sure about their efficiency- I would guess around 89/90

Suffice to say that I simply want the amp to sound good. Not looking for a lot of flowery descriptions

Thanks in advance for everyones input
Does it have to be a 5 channel amp? In my experiences, if you value music first, as you say, and you are happy with your Muse 160 amp, I'd just go looking for a used 3 channel amp to add to that for HT purposes. Just look for a nice little used Acurus 200X3 to handle the center and rear channels.

I have heard of those that like the Theta Dreadnaught, and to be fair, I have not had a chance to hear one. However, as someone who has always been a music first type, I never found a 5 channel amp that I could live with for two channel audio, and I have owned 5 channel amps from Classe, Proceed, and Krell.
I use a Krell TAS for both 5 channel and 2 channel stereo and could not be happier with the amp. Previously, I used a Krell KSA-250 for stereo playback, the TAS sounds better to my ears (cleaner, great bass and just as dynamic as the KSA-250 IMHO). Oops, sure I am going to upset some KSA-250 owners with this remark!
I might be able to swing keeping one extra- at least I would reduce by one.
Cant imagine why you cant make a good sound 5 channel that would rock for music though-
I'd second your thoughts about ATI. The bang for the buck is incredible. Then again, it's their manufacturing expertise under the hood of Theta, Lexicon, Mark Levinson, etc. You get both power and finesse. Music and movies.
Emotiva is great for theater. However, for audio only I have my preferences. My 6 channel Mac is awesome. Yes, it may be a little "soft" but I have never tired of it. A used Sunfire would please me too. For more neutral, an Anthem would be nice.
Personally, I had an Acurus 3 channel and thought it was a piece #$%#^%^$.
The advice on Krells is great but pricey. I have never heard a negative thing about ATI's either.