HT Bypass Vs Input selection Integrated Amp

Hi Folks, i am looking to supplement my HT receiver with network streamer +DAC. Today I have the marantz receiver (SR 5015) running preamp outputs to my 2  channel Parasound power amp, which power L/R. I also do however listen to a lot of stereo music and want to add a network streamer (Arylic or Node or Wim pro), and an outboard DAC (geshelli labs j2 or Topping E30). I have been looking into solutions like the Schit Sys which seems to be cheapest, quality means to switch between two analog inputs.

I'm also now learning of HT Bypass, which some integrated amps support. That said, why can't I just get a regular integrated amp and toggle between input 1 vs 2? What is the difference between one vs the other? Thank you!

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If you have an integrated amp you can plug the front L/R preouts from the AVR into an input on the integrated and plug the DAC into another input.  To toggle between HT and stereo just change to the appropriate input, and when you’re listening to 2-channel the AVR is completely out of the circuit, which is a huge benefit for 2-channel.  A HT bypass input on an amp is nice because the volume control on the amp is bypassed so all volume for HT is controlled by the AVR.  But, even if the amp doesn’t have a HT bypass this can still be done by just setting a reference volume level on the amp (I used to use 12:00 to make it easily repeatable) when setting the channel balance for HT.  So you’re absolutely on the right track in your thinking and thought I’d just flesh it out a bit in case it’s helpful. 

Hello @soix, thank you for the recommendations (and validating as well). I feel like the analog input switcher may be a simpler solution for now, given that my amp is not integrated! But I am getting an integrated amp soon, so I will check that out setting it up for at 12:00. And does that mean its just a reference volume level on the integrated amp and you still get volume control not he receiver? 

Totally get it on the analog input switcher and may well be the best way to go for now although I’ve never used one so can’t say much, but you’d need a way to control volume when running the DAC unless it has its own volume control. If you get an integrated with HT bypass the reference volume is a non issue — sorry if I wasn’t more clear. If you get an integrated without HT bypass its volume control remains active, so when you balance volume for HT channels you need to have the integrated’s volume set to the same volume level for playback as it was when you originally set the HT channel balance or it’ll throw off the volume balance for the front L/R channels, hence the need for a consistent and easily repeatable “reference” volume level on the integrated for HT. Now, if the integrated has a tape loop you might be able to use that as a viable input alternative for the AVR’s preouts, but I’ve never done it so can’t really speak from experience there. Sorry to be so wordy but just trying to be specific and hopefully helpful.