HT Receiver to 2-channel amp?

I sorry to ask a question that is maybe really basic. I've done a bunch of searching and have only managed to get further confused. (Before searching I was quite confident on my approach.)

I'm beginning to upgrade a system that is primarily hometheater. I have found that I enjoy 2 channel audio more and my plan is to upgrade this aspect of my system. However, my wife and I still enjoy the HT experience at home. (probably used 75% 2 channel and 25% theater)

I have an Outlaw 1050 receiver that has preamp outs on it. I am planning to replace my Monitor Audio Silver 5i's. One of the current contenders is the Thiel 1.5 or 1.6, both of which are 4 ohm speakers. From what I've read, I don't think that my Outlaw will do them justice even though it is supposed to handle a 4 ohm load.

My initial thought was to pick up a used 2 channel amp such as a Rotel. (Something at $500 or less.)

Now is where I get confused. Is it as simple as hooking up two interconnects from the Outlaw's pre-out RCA connectors to those on the amplifier?

I'm confused because I've also read some forums describing going from a receiver's RCA out into a Pre-Pro and then into an amp.

Am I ok going with my initial plan? I assume that I would also need to make adjustments to the various speakers to adjust for the amp feeding the front main speakers.

Is that all there is to it?


You've got it right. A pair of i.c.'s from the Outlaw's outputs to the inputs of the amp, then hook up your speakers to the amp, calibrate the speakers test tone again and your done.

I think the other thing you described was about using a pre-amp with a theater by-pass within a system. entirely different from what you want to do, for now.
Yes it is the simple solution. Just a pair of interconnects from the Outlaw to the amp.
Thanks guys. I figured that before I bought equipment and then found out I was screwed that I should check.

Have a great day.

Keep in mind that the Thiels are power hungry. The more power the better. With that said, they can sound amazing with the right amp and like crap with the wrong one...very detailed.
The outlaw should work nicely as a pre.

Also, by having a seperate right/left amp and speakers, you will kill your theater sound. You really need the same speakers for L/R/Center and the same amp. If stereo is your main concern, then don't worry.
Ok, now I'm confused. How can you hook the receiver's pre outs to the amp when the 2 channel preamp is already hooked to the amp? Wouldn't you also need to connect the cc/surrounds to the receiver and not the amp?