Hugo TT2 or LTAMZ3/Border Patrol DAC combo

I understand they are inherently different directions in terms of electronics, but wanted to get some opinions. I have heard the Hugo 2 and like it alot, budget it about $5k so my plan was to get the Mz3 with the Border Patrol DAC, but Chord Hugo TT2 has me curious. Thought I'd ask what the folks here thought of those two choice now that I have narrowed it down to two. 

Obviously the TT2 is all in one unit instead of two boxes, which has it's advantages given this is a desktop set up. I'd imagine the nature of a dedicated pre would have some advantages over the TT2 for obvious reasons. Just wondering if anyone has listened to the LTA, Border Patrol, or both as well as the chord. Thats the one issue I am faced with is I have no way to listen to the LTA and BP so I am going on the good faith of things I've read and folks I spoken to about it. I know Chord is huge in this space and I felt like the HUgo 2 I heard was pretty dynamic and musical and handled a wide range of music very well on my Dynaudio speakers. I just want to make sure the LTW will be able to handle the wide range of music I listen to. This is ultimately a near field set up while I work, and i listen to alot of jazz, pop, and sometimes Tool and other rock and metal. 

Love to get some feedback. Thank you! 
Border Patrol  offers a 14 day trial period , if you want to hear what it sounds like.

If you liked the Hugo 2 ,you would probably be very happy with the Hugo TT2.
Thanks, I tend to agree...I think I am just afraid of the idea of leaving tubes behind. I suppose I could always add a BP later and use the TT2 as a Pre if I were missing them. Where this is near field/desk top I really like the detail being communicated with the Hugo2. Super low volume I am getting it all, bass is great too. Some recordings have the holographic nature of tubes too, overall I realize the TT2 is just not going to be as warm. 

Tubes would probably hold value better than SS as well...But we're not in this hobby to save money thats for sure. 
You could always buy a used Chord TT2 to try. If it was not to your liking, you could sell it for less of a financial impact compared to buying new.

There is a used TT2 currently for sale here on Audiogon. I am not affiliated with this add.

If you do decide on the TT2, I would suggest adding the Chord Hugo M Scaler at some point. It would take your digital listening to another level.

I understand your feeling on tubes and possibly owning a tube D/A converter , but the TT2 is a very good DAC.