Hum in speakers

Hello all

I am trying to set up a modest audio system and cant figure out why there is a hum when I turn the volume up past 55. It only happens when there is vinyl spinning. If I turn volume up without vinyl on there is no hum. Below 55 volume the hum is not there.

note: I did set the speaker impendence to 6 ohm via the receiver settings. 

Set up is:

 - Sony STRDH190 2-ch stereo Receiver

 - Warfedale Denton 80 Speakers (16 g speaker wire)

- Technics SL-1500C Turntable 




Check the 4 connections from the tonearm to the cartridge. They might not be tight or on the wrong pins. If it has a removeable stylus, make sure it is seated correctly. Also, if you can, reverse the A/C plug.


Based on my own experience, I suggest you try a different set of interconnects.  The first pair I used resulted in a not inconsequential hum.  Then switched to a different pair and the hum was completely gone.

I was told by the cable manufacturer that the particular interconnect was not shielded for turntable use.