Humminguru record cleaner

Almost all of my records are in NM condition, so I didn’t think I needed a record cleaner to replace my VPI 16.5. Also, my record surfaces are virtually silent.. But I was intrigued by the ultrasonic cleaners out there. So I bought one with the probability of a return. The results are amazing. This device cleans the records so well it’s like adding a new component to my system. And it’s only $500. With my already clean records I didn’t need the Degritter which is several times more expensive.

I recommend it highly.


I’m not worried because I don’t have hard water.

I can pretty much guarantee that your tap water still has dissolved minerals and who knows whatever else in it no matter how soft you may think it is.  Just grab some distilled or DI at the grocery store without delay.  Why wait?

I’ve had one for about six months. Please follow the manual. Used distilled water. Do not use tapwater. I use a single drop of a surficant. Do not use alcohol. This machine runs at a lower frequency than the more expensive units. If it’s not clean enough for me, I run it through again. It only takes a few minutes. The device will dry your records. It takes a few minutes for the fan to work. I wear white gloves when I work with my records. 
you will not be disappointed with this device.



How interesting. Doesn't Hummingbird also make an Ultrasonic stylus cleaner too? I've always wondered if those would work or possibly jeopardize the stylus due to the waves.

I have a Loricraft 4 RCM with L'Art du Son liquid.... Does a great job suctioning and cleaning. Wonder how the Hummingbird compares.

I've had my Humminguru for a year now and am surprised how well it works.  I've gotten used albums in sketchy condition, but after a good manual cleaning and a run or two through the ultrasonic machine, they sound just fine.