Humminguru record cleaner

Almost all of my records are in NM condition, so I didn’t think I needed a record cleaner to replace my VPI 16.5. Also, my record surfaces are virtually silent.. But I was intrigued by the ultrasonic cleaners out there. So I bought one with the probability of a return. The results are amazing. This device cleans the records so well it’s like adding a new component to my system. And it’s only $500. With my already clean records I didn’t need the Degritter which is several times more expensive.

I recommend it highly.


Great thread!  I currently use a cheap and cheerful KAB record cleaner with a canister vacuum attached.  I have been eyeing the Humminguru, as I like the principal of US cleaning, and the all-in-one automated aspect, especially the drying feature.  One question: Most Amazon reviews are positive, but a few negative reviews gave me pause.  Perhaps stealth marketing from competing machine manufacturers?  Some say the frequency is too low to be effective, and others say it just didn't clean their records. Any thoughts on these negative reviews?


i know of no downside to this cleaner.  I was very surprised to discover it actually improved the SQ of records.  Its frequency is evidently not too low to be effective. And it’s very easy to operate.

Steam distilled water is silly cheap at the grocery store. De ionized water should not be used for record cleaning, nor should tap water, minerals and salts will still be present. Always pre brush to keep your cleaning solution free of debris, a shaving brush from Amazon...clean micro fiber cloth. A surficant is good, but should be rinsed away with distilled water after cleaning. I use my old vacuum machine for pre-drying before rack air dry.  Clean archival liners. mo PVC!

I have two hobbies: I clean records and align turntables and tonearms and cartridges.