Humminguru record cleaner

Almost all of my records are in NM condition, so I didn’t think I needed a record cleaner to replace my VPI 16.5. Also, my record surfaces are virtually silent.. But I was intrigued by the ultrasonic cleaners out there. So I bought one with the probability of a return. The results are amazing. This device cleans the records so well it’s like adding a new component to my system. And it’s only $500. With my already clean records I didn’t need the Degritter which is several times more expensive.

I recommend it highly.


Moonwatcher, to your post of 2/13, please re-read my post about “ultrasonic “ STYLUS cleaners. They are not ultrasonic. They operate at around 500 Hz. Of course, US cleaners for LPs are ultrasonic. That’s all I was saying.

Well of course I would have to give the nod to Degritter. I didn't have the Humminguru very long at all, hard to remember exactly. It was very close though.  If money is a concern then by all means go with Hummingguru

@muzikat thanks for the feedback. No doubt the Degritter is a very nicely designed machine.

@daveyf  "The ’Guru’ is an excellent machine, However, it does benefit greatly from having a surfactant added to the water ( as do all US machines). Without a surfactant and DS, I found the machine to clean ok, but there was still a certain amount of hash, even on relatively clean LP’s."

Apparently, you’re not familiar with how an ultrasonic machine works. Explain how a surfactant improves ultrasonic machines. It’s imploding bubbles, small enough to get to the bottom of the grooves that do the cleaning. You can say water is a carrier for the bubbles. The detergent that comes with the Degritter breaks down oils and dirt in the water. But you don’t need to use the stuff. Even KLaudio don’t recommend adding anything to the water and will void the warranty if you do.

"@moonwatcher if you look at the price difference between the Guru and the Degritter, it is, at least imho, impossible to assign said difference to the build quality and the higher power of the DG. Instead, what is going on…is that the usual suspects are involved with the DG. As such, there is a lot more ‘upside’ built into the DG to support all of the ‘middle men’. Luckily, the Guru offers a great option to those folks, like myself, who are happy to see a machine brought to market with a great deal of value -and less impact from the ‘middle men’!."

Tell that to my neighbor Alex who purchased a Humminguru I think in September about the build quality of it. When I spoke to him on New Years it had stopped working. Looking at it, well I guess you get what you pay for. Look, I’ve cleaned records already cleaned on a Humminguru. You hear the difference. A local dealer who has a rather large record business has several customers who own a H-guru and the overall impression is it’s okay, fine for what it is. The Degritter used in the store has cleaned thousands of records with several days of heavy use without a hitch. Simple to maintain, basically clean the filter, change the water when it tells you, and good to go. Customers of the Degritter love them. In my case, I’m still on the first filter after a couple of years. It’s inexpensive to own. And their service is excellent. When I first saw the price of one I thought, who would buy this? After owning a VPI 16.5( noisy, ugly, and takes up much space) I tried one. Now I say who wouldn’t purchase one?