Hunt for new floor standers

Having sold my speakers, I’m in the hunt for a new pair of floor standers. I’m stepping up my game from the PSB Silver i’s that I had for years. I’d be interested in hearing from fellow Audiogoners about their suggestions for 2 channel, audio only towers. I’d like good bass response and prefer not to invest in a sub. Having said that, high end clarity is a must as well. Currently I’m using a tubed Rogue Super Magnum 99 preamp and a SS Belles 150A Hot Rod amp. In short time I may opt out of the Belles amp but for now it’s stays. I’ve auditioned the KEF R700 and the Sonus Faber Chameleons and liked them both but I’m not sure how either would play with my rig. My budget allows for mid $2K max and I’m OK with used equipment that’s been well taken care of. Insightful input is appreciated.
The VA Beethoven's look gorgeous. Nice reviews as well. Someone has suggested the Quad 25L. Tough to find info on these. Anyone know about these?

Many good suggestions here.

In case you are considering Revel (and I definitely would, big time)...

However, keep in mind they are a bit heavy when shipping. On the other hand, which ones are not?
Golden Ear Triton  Three+ if you stretch your budget a bit. You might also find them and the Two + used for less.  I believe are $1300 each and they have around a 91 db efficiency rating. I have only heard the One and Reference but liked both of the models. Granted different drivers, so different speakers but liked the sound.
Just something else to audition, if you have a chance. There were a few used models on A’gon a little while back, might still be there.
I have heard most of the speakers mentioned here and owned a few, most notably the Martin Logan motion 60 XT and the Vandersteen 2CE. All are good suggestions. Depending on your room and placement possibilities I am sure that most but not all will work. Speaking of the 60 XT, I thought they were very good. They were the main speakers in my family room home theater. I also listen to 2 channel music there as well. I found them to be a bit bass heavy in that room and replaced them with the motion 40’s. I prefer the 40’s. Still have plenty of bass (Without  the sub). They are very quick and punchy. Put them on sound o city outriggers. Currently listening to Steely Dan Aja on them While I type.

The best live in-store live demo I have heard was in Deerfield Beach, Florida. While walking back to the hotel from the beach we passed a shopping center that had a stereo store on the main drag. The windows were tinted and I was afraid that it might be a car audio place. Went inside and it was a beautiful little store. The owner played the Maggie 1.7i’s Driven by a 40 W per channel Prima Luna integrated tube amplifier. I was not expecting much, as I had heard that the Maggie’s were power-hungry. The sound was incredible! It was one of those rare “you are there“ experiences. This was in a small to medium sized listening room, but the largest room in that store. If your room placement allows for them, I would definitely addition the Maggies!