Hypex NCore 1200

I plan to purchase the class D NCore 1200 amps.
Has anyone compared these amps against those class A or A/B amps such as McIntosh MC501, Passlab XA160.5 or Lamm 1.2!?
As a fan of some switching amplifiers I've always suggested newcomers to compare their differences making sure to use large copper cabling with the class Ds before committing. While my main system is powered by tubes I greatly prefer my wood mounted nCore 400s powering my Avalon Monitors in the studio.

While I've never even seen the Mola Molas it's no surprise to me that simple internal wire changes became the voicing tool towards the final build as mentioned in the article below.


Class D in general has always been very sensitive to cabling which is why most reviews of this class have been a joke. Even so the distinct difference in Class D presentation until now has been called sterile or analytical. The idea of adding tubes to dumb down this presentation is so NOT the solution.

Clearly Bruno has found a fundamental change that has taken his basic design to another level.

If you have a chance to compare to your favorite linear solid state amplifiers compare your level of fatigue at higher or realistic volume.
I can only comment on the sound based on what I heard at the latest Newport Audio show. The Mola Molas were okay.

I purposely downplayed that to make a point. Not everyone is keen on the sound despite the pedigree and the hype. Count me as one of them. I was quite eager to hear what they were all about and came away not that all impressed. Yes, they were good, but not extended or dynamic as I like it. It might have been the music, the room, whatever, but Bruno was there and I talked to him a bit and he seemed to be a well intentioned and knowledgeable chap but in the end....

I guess I'll always be in the old tried and trued class A/B camp.

If I may, try and audition the latest from the Marantz Reference Series. Some reviewer from Absolute Sound loved the PM-11S3b intergrated and found it to be better than a Plinius. I, myself, have the PM-15S2b and love it.

All the best,
I have a pair of NC400 amps. And I have either owned or had for extended audition other amplifiers from Atma-sphere, First Watt, Coincident, LFD. In my opinion, some of the best out tube and solid state amps out there.

I think the NC400 is competitive with some of the best out there. They may not be everyones cup of tea (but then again some people love First Watt and dislike Coincident), but they're very good.

I have no desire to change my amplifiers right now. They are paired with the Coincident Statement Linestage and they have no trouble keeping up.

Dear Primare

I have heard some N core amplifiers in three different setups,

at my shop

at the manufacturers facility

and the New York Audio Show

I have found these amplifier so far to be incredibly over rated, clean but lifeless sound, good bass control but no midrange magic.

We compared these amps to a pair of much more expensive conventional amplifiers and there was no contest.

Don't believe what you read on these things, the hype with the comparison's to the best solid state