Hypex NCore 1200

I plan to purchase the class D NCore 1200 amps.
Has anyone compared these amps against those class A or A/B amps such as McIntosh MC501, Passlab XA160.5 or Lamm 1.2!?
Audiooracle, YOU ARE SO FULL OF BULL!!

If that is how you feel then WHY were you SO ANXIOUS to become a DEALER for one of the OEMs of the NC1200 Amps???

This upon you hearing them AT THE NY Audio Show!! AND ETC!!

So not a dealer you decide its payback time.

You are so very unprofessional.

Primare, I have heard the MC501, the XA160.5 and the 1.2.

I had high hopes for the MC501 but it is a little too dark/syrup for me. I like a more transparent and resolving sounding amp. It is a nice sounding amp just not my cup of tea.

The XA160.5 I liked a lot. The X version was just OK. But the XA was really NICE. But for me I would have needed the XA200.5 and now other issues came into the picture for me. But it was on the top of my list.

The Lamm was nice but I liked the Pass more. Though I liked the Lamm more then the MC501.

I have heard both the NC400 and the NC1200 in many systems. The NC1200 is defiantly better sounding then the NC400 from top to bottom. That said the NC400 is very good if done right and used with the right cabling.

Now from your OP you want to know more about the NC1200.

Most of my experience is with the Veritas amps. I have heard the Mola-Mola a few times and (I can not remember the name)an other. Because I have heard the Veritas in so many systems I will only comment on them.

Well they are one of the best sounding amps I have heard. I would have to spend a lot more to get a slightly better sound.
Mind you that does not mean that there are not comparable sounding amps. They just all have a sightly different signature.

Someone likes vanilla while someone likes chocolate ice cream. They are both just as good.

I belong to several Audio Clubs in the NY/NJ Metro area.

At TWO different meetings with TWO different systems and with most(98%)of the members in the Class A/AB, SS/Tube camp I was expecting people to stay with their "camp" when the Veritas amps was demoed.

There were a lot of changed minds and a lot of praise. And several members have bought or decided to buy the amps. That was not an easy feat.

Some of those owned ARC, Pass, etc.

If you are looking for a very dynamic, transparent, resolving, dead quiet, linear from top to bottom, with no added tonal color amp that will just play back what it is given then give it a try.

PS it will show you were your weakest link is in your system.


If you're still using WA Sophia 3s, take a look at the Aesthetix Altas Signature. It's a no feedback design and sounds great on the S3s.

The other amp I'd like to hear on the S3s is the Spectral DMA 260.
Thank You all for your response. Much appreciated!

I've made payment for 1 pair of TRL600 amps. I'll soon find out and at least letting you know my feedback on the NCore1200 vs McIntosh MC501

Note: I've created a new account under Highfidelitysound user as I've realised I shouldn't name the account base on gear brand name!