Hypex Ncore NC1200 Amps at NY Audio Show in April

This is a BIGGIE! Both based on the Hypex Ncore NC1200, the Mola-Mola Mono Amps and the Merrill Audio Veritas Mono Amps will be at the NYC Audio show in April. The Mola-Mola with Vivid Speakers and the Veritas with Raidho and Sanders Sound Speakers, all in separate rooms.

I would like to clarify that my posts were strictly based on what I heard at the show and that I am not in any way questioning or generalizing the performance of the NC1200-based amps. Based on your posts, I'm sure you're happy with how they sound in your system. I also think that perhaps you would not trade the sound you're getting in your system with these amps with how they sounded at the show.

These amps are new in the market, so perhaps dealers have not had a chance to really explore what gear mates best with them to get the best possible sound. Every new company goes through this experience to some extent, so time may tell a different story as users start to narrow down what works best with these amps.

I did sit in the sweet spot in all rooms. I also happen to have speakers that sound best in the sweet spot. They also sound great from anywhere 20 - 30 feet away. Sure, the sweet spot magic brings everything into focus and all instruments take their space in the soundstage, etc., but the quality of the sound is always there, regardless of where you are.

We also have different tastes. What suits you and me, may not suit others. In the end, it's what makes us happy what counts:)

"This is a quote from Positive Feedback reporting on the NYAS 2013:

Sanders Sound & Merrill Audio
Right across the hallway was another electrostatic speaker, the Sanders Model 10c, and another variation in sound quality. Power was provided by the Merrill VERITAS Mono Blocks, which use the latest Hypex Ncore NC1200.

Radically different than the Martin Logans, the expected transparency usually associated with 'stats wasn't in evidence. The midrange on down was heavy and the top lacked a bit of sparkle."

Hello Isanchez - I heard the same. I called this sound "warmish and boring" - may be your definition "overprocessed" is more accurate then "warmish" but boring it WAS !!!
I also like word "artificial"

If I remember well, you are aslo Spectron owner. A few weeks ago, I audition Spectron stereo with all upagrdes versus SET amp - the rest of the system was the same. To my surpise, the midrange was equally (well, very close) sweet in both amps...

All The Best
Hi Dob, you stated that in room 1019 Tube Audio Design featured their new Ncore NC1200 monoblocks, which you heard on Sunday. Are you sure about the name of the company? The web site listed for Tube Audio Design on the Audiogon Industry directory is no longer active. I then sent an email to the company, and its owner of record -- Paul Grzybek, responded today that Tube Audio Design is closed.

What is the scoop?

Saluti, Guido

I think the Ncore 1200 based amps you're looking for are the Tube Reseach Labs 600 Monos.

"Paul Grzybek, responded today that Tube Audio Design is closed."

Odd. Paul passed away last year: