Hypex Ncore NC1200 Amps at NY Audio Show in April

This is a BIGGIE! Both based on the Hypex Ncore NC1200, the Mola-Mola Mono Amps and the Merrill Audio Veritas Mono Amps will be at the NYC Audio show in April. The Mola-Mola with Vivid Speakers and the Veritas with Raidho and Sanders Sound Speakers, all in separate rooms.

I think the Ncore 1200 based amps you're looking for are the Tube Reseach Labs 600 Monos.

"Paul Grzybek, responded today that Tube Audio Design is closed."

Odd. Paul passed away last year:


Hello Dob, Yes, I have the Spectron mono-blocks with the Bybee purifiers and the Joule Electra 300ME. That combo still puts a smile on my face every time I listen to music.

I totally missed room 1019 because I wrote down the wrong # in my list of rooms to attend. The NYAS booklet indicates CARE Audio was in room 1019. They are supposed to be an audio dealer in NJ. This link has a photo of their room with two wooden boxes on the floor, but no description is given about them. Are these the amps?
Jdec, sorry Mr. Grzybek passed away. The email I received was from his own personal ID.... Probably handled by a service machine, or perhaps his estate.

Guido and others; the TRL NC1200 based amps are in the center of this photo and are orange/gold in color.