I agree with Keef

The Stones are in town(LA) for 2 nights.

With so many things now being now deemed "inappropriate" these days, I suppose this isn't a surprise?

Brown Sugar is part of the Stones "permanent set list".  
I am neither Miller. 
You may recall I was the one and only in the crazy, crazy thread who expressed sorrow that your job was affected. Same went for Yvi’s friend.

As Ive said to you before, you and I come down on opposite sides of some things but at no point is it ever personal nor with malice. Heck, you have tubes so at least I know you value tone. As a matter of fact, I despise bullies and would proudly contribute resources toward rooting out and exposing the coward who sent you or your wife terrible correspondence.

Busting chops on an audio forum in a friendly manner is one thing….what you describe as happening to you is pure BS.
oh heavy sigh…millions dead ? remember who believes covid is a hoax…..

As a student of history, you might visit on the origin story for America First…

Maybe Donnie said “ grab em by the brown sugar “….

perhaps…i heard him wrong….
There is no such thing as "cancel culture" except in the minds of those most hysterically denouncing it.
How would the serial politically correct deal with Queen's Fat Bottomed Girls? Also for those old enough to remember a slightly more tolerant era and the furore the Beatles caused with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. So nothings ever new.
+1 @jdane cancel culture is a myth also I've listened to plenty of songs lately and thought to myself you could never get away with that song today. Societal standards change over time, deal with it.