I am about to embark on my next upgrade journey

Hey Audiogon Community-

The basics of what I have now:

12x15 room with cathedral ceilings.

2x Schiit Aegirs in mono

Gustard R26 Pro

2x REL T/5X (next for an upgrage)

MAC Mini M1 with Audirvana Studio

Various cable upgrades and power conditioning

Back wall is treated.

What I want to upgrade are the B&W 705 S2 speakers on 30” stands.

I have enjoyed the B&Ws but I feel I am missing some general musicality, presence and depth.

As the impedance curve heads down to 4ohms on the B&Ws, the Aegir’s seemed to run our of steam.  Otherwise, the amps sound quite amassing for what they are.

I have limited options for brick-and-mortar retailers to do in person listening.   The closest oner to me made me feel like I was buying a used car.  They immediately started discussing a $20K before even qualifying what I currently have, or about ny tastes or listening room.

I need a stand mount that is a stable or as stable as possible @ 8ohms and 89db efficient.

I have narrowed my choice to the Sopra N°1and would appreciate some feedback.  Open to other options as well.


Thank you!!


Have you considered the Magnepans LRS + ?  You have the room to pull them out from the wall and you also have to subs to help with the low Hz A good amp to drive them would be the Orchard Audio Starkrimson Stereo GaN Ultra DMC 2.0  250watts@8ohm & 500watts@4ohm  


Picking up on the comments of @jfrmusic I have a pair of Spendor A6R's for sale over the other U.S. Mart that you may want to consider. They are not stand mount but occupy about the same space. They feature a transmission line cabinet and are known for their glorious mids. Paired with your subs, they would be worthy of consideration. The money you save could go toward that streamer, or a new amp or whatever that next upgrade is.

I was going to recommend the Alta Alyssa speakers but they are a 4ohm 87db efficient speaker.  They probably wouldn't require a sub based on their low frequency extension.  Good luck.