I am at a crossroads, what two sets of speakers...

I am dusting off my old rig after a couple years of rehabbing an old house. I have for the past few years been on the lookout for two sets of speakers. The Chapman t-7s and a small footprint alon/nola have been on my radar without much luck.
I know find myself with a bit of a too much of a good thing situation and am looking for any advice.
I am in a position to get both, in fact I am looking at a pair of Chapman t-7s and a pair of Chapman t-6s, and a pair of Alon Lotus SE spakers.

All are in great shape, but I can only do two of the three sets. If I had my Odyssey Nightingales sold, I would go for all three.

I am leaning toward the Alons and one of the Chapman pairs, but not sure what to do. The Alons are local, and have only seen one pair within driving distance in the last 4 years.

On the other hand, I have seen a total of about 5 sets of Chapman speakers in that time frame total.

The Chapmans are hard to come by, and that is why I have been struggling with the choice.

Any help or suggestions would be great.
this is a personal opinion of course, but the the chapman 6 or 7 is just about as good as it gets. balanced, not fussy, and as articulate on the bottom as most speakers costing much more, and a touch of sweetness in the presentation. I have listened to lots of alons in minneapolis, and ann arbor(when there were dealers there, and they are fine, but the 'magic' that certain designs have(for me) just wasn't there.
First, focus on one pair of speakers at a time....why does it have to be 2..surely you have other things in the system, house or life that needs attention too right?
You know and have heard the exact pair of Alons you are wanting to maybe buy (I know because I was there too) so although that should be no reason to make a final choice you atleast know the quality and condition aswell as its sound.
BTW didnt you own some Chapmans? If so what do you like about them and what do you like about the Alon's?
Chad, the issue is more that they both have come up, and I figure that if I pass on either, I may not get the chance to listen and let my ears decide.
I am not sure that either one will be available any time soon as I have stated before. The only thing I need to look into is a source. I am happy with things as they are for now. Want to play with the room and settle into a set of speakers.
I have had someone look into my odyssey speakers and if that happens may go for all three, and let them shoot it out for top billing.
I never got to listen to the Alons long, they never opened up before I left. I spent a lot of time on the Aplogees. The chapmans that I had were damaged in shipping so they neve were right, the cost to have them fixed was almost 1500 and money was a much bigger concern in those days.
Maybe go back and listen to the Alons again and have them broke in "K" will surely do that for you. Atleast that way your not shooting into total mental darkness, you have 3 things you want now and really dont know what anything sounds like........that cant be the smartest way to spend your cash right?
I am going to "K" on Monday if things work out, cheers