I am considering the Piega C-8 Limited or the P10.

I do not have a dealer in this area, and have not heard them. However, from what I have read, this speaker is definetly on my list of candidates.

I want a speaker that:
1) I can listen to anything from jazz to rock
2) Will take me off the upgrade my speakers every two years merry-go-round

Anyone who has had experience with this speaker (or perhaps the earlier Piega P10) and would like to share their thoughts with me would be greatly appreciated.

Other candidates in my speaker search are:
Von Schweikert VR-4 Gen III SE
Pro Ac Response 3.8
Wilson Sophia
Silverline LaFolia
Coincident Technologies Total Eclipse

In advance, thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing back some thoughts from my fellow Audiogon members.

I recently traded in my P-10's for the C-8ltd. As far as coherency, I found that to be a real strength of the P-10.
I did find the highs to be bright especially on a bad recording. These are extremely revealing speakers.
The C-8ltd is quite a bit more refined than the P-10,s.
They don't have the deep bass response, but in my room - 15x21 - they feel like a better fit. The top end is quite a bit smoother. I have been running them with tubes - first with the EAR 534, and currently with the CAT JL2 - which I feel is the best amp I have ever heard. Current preamp is the Hovland HP-100.
Good Luck
louis..as one who owns the p-10's and has heard all the new c-series i can tell you you are on the right road.i disagree with 'tireguy' regarding the coherency and hi-end problem.mine are very coherent and i have no problem with hi-end 'shrill'.the woofer/ribbons integrate seamlessly.certain setups may give the problems tireguy relates to but not mine.the c-8 ltd is a better speaker then the p-10 and he is right when he says that piega does not make the p-10 anymore but the dealers certainly service them.i have 2 friends that upgraded from p-10 to c-10 ltd and from p-8ltd to c-8ltd and are extremely happy.i am going to upgrade to a c-10 ltd at years end.the price that used p-10s are going for on audiogon make them a tremendous value.there is no speaker,in the $5-$6k range that can compete with a used p-10...imo.that said..if your budget allows the c-8 ltd would be my choice..you will not want to upgrade for a long time...i promise.
I agree with tireguy.I always found the P 10s to be very shrill on the top end.Though you can great deals on them now,there are also other brands that should be considered.The P 10s are beautiful looking speakers but not my cup of tea and I was always suspicious of the switches on a "Hi End" speaker for ajusting the drivers.
For what it is worth, I heard the the P-5 Ltds with a Pass Labs X-1 preamp, Pass X_250 and Edge NL-10 power amps and Metronome CDP and it sounded really good and not bright at all even juiced up. Very detailed, very dynamic, open and fast.

Hope this is more helpful.

I do not think you can go wrong with the P-10s unless you have the funds to buy up the ladder with the Piegas.
Its obvious from the previous posts that the systems were set up improperly if they didn't like the sound. The reason I do like the piega's is the coherency and revealing top end. In a monster room the piega 10' s bass wasn't as good as some larger speakers. The c-10ltd takes care of that problem. At the used price you will not find a better speaker for the money If you hear shrill problems I would upgrade the source components and not these speakers