I am just very happy with my system.

Just very happy and I'm just listening to old collection with a mix of discovering new ones. 

I think it's time to start saving money for some kef blade metas or some gorgeous Sonus faber or something 😁


I’m content as a cat currently as well but KEF meta blades……so tempting! Smaller mbls too.  

Unfortunately I grew up in Amish country and have a conscience so then I think……so I really need that?  Of course the answer is no.  Want and need…two different things.  Lots of needed things mostly for others could be done with that money. 

@roxy54 Very happy with my system indeed, but why upgrade? No, no upgrade. But some of the speakers in the 20-30k are so wildly gorgeous, as a lover of speakers I just gotta have it before I die. You know.... the curse. Or the blessing 😀


@tomcarr no, not joking, 1 look at the sonus faber and I get goosebumps, 10 years of savings is fine with me. 

Thanks for all your comments fellas. I am genuinely happy with my system. Listening to it at night as I type this. It is devoid of any flaws that I can hear and the vocals is simply nice 😎

I won't talk about my gears it might derail to something else unintentional, but I don't wanna hide anything, if you wanna know I'll gladly tell you in a pm. 

If you look at my temporary room, you'd laugh and cry, no room treatment, just a center rug, no good place to sit and listen either. But there's a level of finesse in the sound, and the total synergy of all the components, it makes me go "wow" a lot. 


The room is just temporary, I'll move it back into the music room once my feet recover. The weirdest thing happened to me, I had a 4 day fever and then both of my feet got so much inflammation and pain even the slightest movement would cause 10/10 pain. When it was at its worst, I tried to lift up my foot slightly and I almost passed out from the pain, fast heart beat, blurry vision. Ah sorry too much information.


Happy listening and cheers everyone 😀

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That's great OP! I know the feeling. I LOVE getting new gear.

Enjoy those new speakers!!!