I am just very happy with my system.

Just very happy and I'm just listening to old collection with a mix of discovering new ones. 

I think it's time to start saving money for some kef blade metas or some gorgeous Sonus faber or something 😁


That's great OP! I know the feeling. I LOVE getting new gear.

Enjoy those new speakers!!!

Sorry OP, just read about your fever/pain/feet problem.

Hope you feel better soon.

I’m happy with my system but I feel I shouldn’t be. It’s in what’s supposed to be a temporary experimental setup that’s using a cheap Denon receiver and 3 cheap Sony bookshelf speakers, augmented by a bank of 8 corner loaded bass horns. I just wanted to try something unusual and now I’m having a great time listening to it and can’t seem to talk myself into developing the concept into something more properly balanced and "good." That’s going to take time, effort, and money. The good news is that I'm getting other home repairs and maintenance done instead of building new speaker components.