I am looking for a CD player that has the ........

.....following 3 features. The player must:
1) be Black
2) have buttons on unit that allow track advance & back. Also, buttons that allow track search (FF & REW).
3) have tube output

Price should be between $1500.00 & $2500.00 and be a newer model (1-3 years). I am considering the Audio Aero Prima. The Lector 0.5t & 0.6t look tempting but only have a play button on unit which really bugs me.

How many other dedicated CD players out there have all 3 features? Thank you everyone for your input.
The Lector CDP 0.6t is by far the most musical CD player I have heard in any price range. It meets 2 out of 3 of your required features. Why opposed to using functions on the remote? The Lector has such a beautiful black luster finish, I would hate to see a bunch of fingerprints all over it.
You make a good point. The CD player will be used in my bedroom & it will be located just to the left of where I will be sitting at my desk. Access to buttons on the unit will be easier to use than remote. You can say I'm nit-picky & you would be right but I just like doing it that way. I could learn to use a remote if need be. After all, what is most important? Of course, Sound! Thanks for responding.