I am Looking for That Elusive 3 Dimensional Room Filling Soundstage

I have heard it half a dozen times at home, small room, Primaluna HP Integrated or a Rogue Atlas Magnum II and RP-1 Pre and believe it or not a pair of close to 30 year old Paradigm Export Monitors.

The experience I had, I can only describe as sitting in an aquarium when the litlle rectangular glass aquarium was filled with liquid engulfing you from all directions with no awareness of the speaker boxes...it was just perfect!

The room is approximately 12 x 13 x 9, small bedroom converted to a den!

So the question is what speakers does everyone recommend to provide the same experience?? I have a budget of $2000 for the next little babies so let’s not talk about Focal uber expensive stand mounts at $9500 thank you!

Monitor not floor standers and the Primaluna is gone, it’s all Rogue And yes, I would consider a pair of floor standers that are not to intrusive.
+1 for the Walsh. Also, adding a subwoofer almost always improves the ambience and expands the soundstage. 
Please audition the GT Audioworks 
planar speakers. They throw a massive transparent 3D Soundstage.

Can they be had for 2k, that was one of the OP guidelines?

Tough to tell as the GTAW website is a bit of a mess.  I'd like to hear them though.
get 2 mullard 10m goldpin 12au7's for the preamp
or other nos 12au7 made in the 50's