I am set on all but speakers, need advice on those

I need advice on the speakers, there are a lot of similar questions out there, but it looks like I am all set for now on all for the next 7 years except the speakers.
This is analog listening, on the front I have Oracle Paris TT, Ortofon RS-212D and Sumiko MDC 800 arms, Orotofon Windfeld and Grado Amber Tribute carts, CJ PV12 with Phono stage and good tubes and capacitors, CJ MV-60SE amp. I want to know how much I should spend on the speakers so that ROI will be reasonable. Would that be 1.5K, 5K? (used of course). I mostly listen to classical incl symphony, chamber, piano, violin solo.
Using cable analogy I guess I would prefer 'copper' sound to 'silver', the musicality is the most important for me rather than 'definition'. When I started 14 months ago I got myself used Audes (from Estonia) for $600 just to start somewhere, now need to round it up and relax for sometime. I was looking at used Sonus Faber GPH but then thought may be I should spend more. Appreciate your folks input
Thank you
For whatever reason, no one has mentioned the placement of your components. Are you actively listening or just enjoying background music?
I would be checking out the new devore gibbon 88 or a used pair of devore nines. Might also try to audition some tannoy glenair 12 or 15 as well.
Tabl10s - yes , just sit down and listen, nothing else at this time. No background at all
Thank you
Wonder what could be said about the Zu Audio Essence?
30 Hz lower range seems attractive, 97 Db won't be too much for CJ MV60SE? 60 days return policy should buy some ease of mind. People say they are better suited for classical, though I heard some responses stating they can be on a bright side. Strongly thinking about them at the moment.