I am set on all but speakers, need advice on those

I need advice on the speakers, there are a lot of similar questions out there, but it looks like I am all set for now on all for the next 7 years except the speakers.
This is analog listening, on the front I have Oracle Paris TT, Ortofon RS-212D and Sumiko MDC 800 arms, Orotofon Windfeld and Grado Amber Tribute carts, CJ PV12 with Phono stage and good tubes and capacitors, CJ MV-60SE amp. I want to know how much I should spend on the speakers so that ROI will be reasonable. Would that be 1.5K, 5K? (used of course). I mostly listen to classical incl symphony, chamber, piano, violin solo.
Using cable analogy I guess I would prefer 'copper' sound to 'silver', the musicality is the most important for me rather than 'definition'. When I started 14 months ago I got myself used Audes (from Estonia) for $600 just to start somewhere, now need to round it up and relax for sometime. I was looking at used Sonus Faber GPH but then thought may be I should spend more. Appreciate your folks input
Thank you
With that size of room, you might consider the the Zu Omen ($999 on sale right now, 60 day return policy). I have the Omen Defs and they are fantastic, but I have a pretty large room. Zu's are high on musicality. The Tekton Lore's have been getting some rave reviews on Agon, but run a little more than the Zu omen right now.
I have owned several Sonus Faber speakers and found that the Grand Piano Domus towers are a great speaker for the money. Maybe $2600-$3200 used. I owned them as well as the Concertino Domus monitors (also very good). I currently have the orig. (and best) Bremona towers.
Thanks for the response, Morganc. Yes, you are correct, I like it more musical. I like the freq range with Zu and their driver seems impressive, let me look at options as you indicated
To Audiofreak32 - yes, I like the way Sonus Farber, I have not heard them though. May be a bit less sensitive
Avs9, Do you plan on keeping your speakers close to the front wall like in your system pictures? If so, maybe a front ported or sealed speaker might be a good option.