I am so happy.....

That my upgradeitis is over before it even started.

I am so happy with the system I have, I want to share with everyone the fact that that even a very modest and cheap system can produce great sound for me and makes me happy to the point where I no longer have to search for improvements.

Call me ignorant if you want. Does not bother me even an iota. I will go the grave happier than everyone who is condescending.

I am using my own home made Neurochrome 686 stereo amp with 1000 VA medical grade toroidal, 160 amp rectifier (very little fwvd hence virtually no heat generated) and 200,000uF filter capacitors producing approx 220 watts rms/channel. It sounds just absolutely FANTASTIC.

My preamp is a Freya S. Speakers are B&W.

I have a Linn LP12 with SME 3009R and Nagaoka 500 and a Mani which I find that I listen to less and less in favor of the convenience and the dynamics and quietness of digital.

For my music server, wait for it......... I use an LG V60 phone, which has a great in built DAC, which I bought for $300 brand new on ebay ($1200 retail but no longer made) using the lossless Apple Music and Qobuz apps. I use an AuidoEngine B1 as my bluetooth receiver to which the LG phone can send aptX-HD which I can actually also connect directly to the Freya S on occasion.

The combination sounds simply fantastic to my ears and I listen to it for hours grateful that this technology available today provides this gift to me.

Just as I am writing this, I am listening to smooth jazz "Euge Groove Slow jam" and it is just sublime.



wow, so much snark on this site. 


I'm actually very happy for you. I have a mix of vintage Mac pieces and new stuff. Somehow it all works and I'm happy to listen to my talking heads. 


Remember, there is only two kinds of music: music you like and music you don't. 


In few sentences:

The electronic design must be subordinated to the acoustic science and must serve the acoustic experience of the listener in his controlled room... ANY relatively good design will do the job...

In audio magazine review it is the reverse presentation: the acoustic of a room is secondary addition to the gear choice and even the music is there to make the system shine...And the costlier the design the better it is supposed to be nevermind the acoustic...

After all this brainwashing it is not suprizing that people confuse head and tail...

Some plunge into a neurosis :

« Is my gear system good enough? Probably not, then i must upgrade.... Is my upgrade piece compatible with this other one? because my sound is good for some music style but not for this other music style... Then i must change another piece of gear...Etc The infamous wheel of neurosis goes on this way » 😁😊

All that because they dont know because of the gear marketing programmation sellers faulty practice how to make ANY piece of gear at ANY price shine at his peak potential working level in a treated and controlled room....

The symptoms of this neurosis in all audio threads are debates about, cables, fuses, digital versus analog etc all debates divided in 2 warring camps : the gear brand name tasting "subjective" fetichists versus the "objective" measuring tool fetichists... Their common blind spot is a complete ignorance and forgetfulness of acoustic and psycho-acoustic HUGE role in the making of the final experience...

It is comical but dramatic because it guide people on erroneus paths...For sure there is difference between cables,fuses, or anything else but these differences are small one generally, compared to acoustic treatment impact and mechanical acoustic controls, and anyway sometimes these diffrences are not audible for acoustic reason...How do you hear subtle difference of timbre in a bad room ?



For sure there is a difference between a piece of design of low cost and a 100,000 bucks speakers...It goes without saying... 😁😊

But the main tool will ever be and will ever stay the acoustical tool not an upgrade.....Save if you upgrade to a completely NEW high level of price...If not, the difference will be a minute one compared to an improved acoustic...This is my point...



Acoustic is the sleeping princess, the pieces of gear are only the 7 working dwarves, and the kissing prince is the psycho-acoustic method which will awake the princess to be bride......

With bluetooth, you're leaving so much on the table. The truth is that you don't even have to spend a lot to get significantly, and I mean SIGNIFICANTLY, better SQ than bluetooth can ever offer. As an example, an ifi Zen streamer for $399 will offer a substantial step up.


Thanks for your comment.

However, the aptx-hd codec with bluetooth sounds great to me already. And to top that, the LGv60 has already a great DAC in it which I sometimes feed DIRECTLY into my Freya from the LG's headphone output. To tell you the truth, at my age, I cannot quite detect the difference :-)

@mahgister While I appreciate the lecture on reality, and the presumptuousness of my ignorance as to the importance of room acoustics, I would counter that it is pretty black and white.

You have people that enjoy listening to music, and then you have people with a deep concern for the fidelity of their playback.  Sure, they enjoy listening to music too, but only after executing processes A, B, C, D, etc.  When this series of processes is finally completed, they say, “…phew!! Okay, NOW, I can enjoy listening to music.” There is a stark difference in thinking and behavior there.

To quote Karen’s mom from Goodfellas: “normal people don’t act like this!”