I am streaming , how can I play music when provider goes down.

  1. Hello I have been streaming for awhile now ,and have  a 1T server with Flac files on it .  My question  is there anyway I could still play my music when my provider  spectrum goes down ,it can be quite disturbing especially when company comes over . Any ideas or help would greatly be appreciated , no CDs as a option ,    thanks much ,and happy listening 🎶 🎼!!

Not enough info here to be able to help. What device is being used for "streaming" that cannot also pull from a local server on the local network to play FLAC??  (or any local music file types). You can play local files from a computer, tablet, phone, or a dedicated hardware player such as most every streaming device. Many receivers these days can also pull files from a location such as a server or thumb drive. I've been very happy with the Bluesound Node and it's user friendly for most anyone. Most similar players would also solve the issue.


What is the 1T server - is it a NAS drive?

1T = one terabyte.

2T = two terabytes.

Tidal allows downloads. Once you download and have Tidal software installed, you'll be able to play downloaded songs/tunes. It's all tied up to the license terms of the installed software and must be current.

Enjoy listening and start downloading what you might want to listen again.

I must assume you are storing your files on a providers server. 

Then use a streamer with storage. Most quality streamers have options for internal storage… and sound better than other options.

I stream Amazon Ultra HD. Music I like I download to my LG V40 phone that's used strictly as a player. I use it I walk or can stream to my system through BT AptX or wired. No internet required. This is a great way to explore music because you can download without having to buy and it stays there while you keep the streaming service. I do also have a Bluesound node for system streaming with gigabit fiber internet.