I am streaming , how can I play music when provider goes down.

  1. Hello I have been streaming for awhile now ,and have  a 1T server with Flac files on it .  My question  is there anyway I could still play my music when my provider  spectrum goes down ,it can be quite disturbing especially when company comes over . Any ideas or help would greatly be appreciated , no CDs as a option ,    thanks much ,and happy listening 🎶 🎼!!

I haven’t read all the posts here, but hopefully someone has mentioned connecting the server directly to the streamer.  If that isn’t possible then put some files on a flash drive and play those through the streamer if it has a usb input for flash, or consider getting a portable player with storage that you can plug into the main rig .

Pickup a portable music player that plays FLAC files and the largest SD card it will take, 256mb or 512mb on a Surfans. If possible, find one that will bypass the internal DAC so you can stream directly to your system. Then you can listen through a set of nice headphones or connect it digitally out to your system. You can even go for a walk with you music.