I am streaming , how can I play music when provider goes down.

  1. Hello I have been streaming for awhile now ,and have  a 1T server with Flac files on it .  My question  is there anyway I could still play my music when my provider  spectrum goes down ,it can be quite disturbing especially when company comes over . Any ideas or help would greatly be appreciated , no CDs as a option ,    thanks much ,and happy listening 🎶 🎼!!

I think some people confuse "service interuption" vs "network failure". The "Internet is down!" is a generic term for "things aren’t working". In the case of server/streamer/player, music files sitting on the server are not dependent on ISP functionality. As long as your network is healthy everything in your intranet should be just fine. No need to bring out the ukulele.

If things are not working and you are musically compromised, you can introduce a new topic to the group for discussion like: "Should birthdays be celebrated ON your birthday, and not another day that’s more convenient?" It could be quite engaging?

I'm a network engineer/architect by profession,  just wanted to get that out of the way.

The easiest answer to your question,  your internet provider connects through your WAN which is external to your local network,  LAN. Even if your WAN is down you should still have access to your local resources, ( music server). Unless your software needs to see an external WAN heartbeat,  you should be able to access your locally stored music..

Ok thank you gumbedamit I have 1Terabyte of Flac files on my Solid state 

drive  how could I access this to play ,and how can I pick out the music i want to play if say my ptovider Spectrum is down ?  
how can I choose ,access of the music ?

I am used to pick everything on my iPad .if I bought say a Innuous with a hard drive 

and streaming can I then maybe do this easier then my purpose built , computer ?

thanks all for the assistance 🙏👍


that is one of the reasons I have kept my legacy sources(turntables, CD, players, and even iPod docks). That is also why I have kept my albums and CDs.