I am streaming , how can I play music when provider goes down.

  1. Hello I have been streaming for awhile now ,and have  a 1T server with Flac files on it .  My question  is there anyway I could still play my music when my provider  spectrum goes down ,it can be quite disturbing especially when company comes over . Any ideas or help would greatly be appreciated , no CDs as a option ,    thanks much ,and happy listening 🎶 🎼!!

@audioman58 I can't comment on that. My digital set is simple.  Cambridge Audio CXN V2 and i connect a 1TB USB drive for local music.  Never a problem. If you are listening to music in one location and don't have a need to stream video around the house IMO a server or NAS is overkill.  You need an appliance that can connect to the internet to stream Qobuz,  Tidal  etc and play music from your local collection.  I believe in KISS.. If you want something more elaborate,  there are tons of suggestions in this thread. 

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Thank you ,it is as good as innuos they have a $2terabyte server,streamer in their mini is that any good ? I want something I can keep for awhile 

they have more expensive models also,   Please advise ,Thank you.

@audioman58 , gowanus mentioned getting the Eversolo which is all the rage right now. Comes in 2 flavors: $700/1300 which I believe is a great deal for what you get. You can plug in your USB drive until you are able to get a drive that installs directly inside the streamer. With this type of unit, you don't even need a network to play your tunes. DAC/ Preamp/Streamer all in one. Your current drive may be able to install inside the streamer.

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Return to a CD player. As you are finding out, Servers/Streamers are not all that.


Happy Listening!

Ok thank you, I willlwork on getting a dedicated server streamer, for only one area 

is all I need.

@audioman58 I see several people have already answered your question.  You need a streaming server that does not require an internet connection like Roon. My setup is simple,  I only stream in one location,  my dedicated music room. I use a Cambridge Audio CXN V2 to stream Qobuz. I also have a 1TB drive that is connected to the USB port on the back of my Streamer.  If you are looking for whole house streaming,  you will need a music server with Endpoints.  As I stated earlier, there are tons of solutions mentioned in this post and defer to those since I only stream in one location.  Hopefully you've gotten the info from here.

Enjoy the Music..

You can stream your files from a NAS to any streamer (in the local network) just fine when your ISP is completely dead and gone with the wind!

On the same note dude, if you like an album, buy the artist's hires digital album (put it on your nas) and pay the artist. These streaming services pay them peanuts. On a positive note, you will have permanent ownership of that album and will no longer be "renting" it from the streaming service.


Vinyl or 8 track? Who remembers the Elcaset?

FWIW, I have AT&T gigabit fiber. So far, about 5 years, it has been remarkably reliable.

That’s why I purchased a streamer that also allowed me to rip my cd’s. I can stream Tidal and also source my cd collection. I sold my cd transport since it was no longer needed.

Audioman:  if you are referring to your internet service, its going down should not keep you from accessing local files.  What you are seeing is that Roon stops working when the Internet is down.  What you need is a Roon alternative that plays local files from your network.

Foorbar2000 is one of the simplest.  J. River also well known.  Plex the most sophisticated from a network perspective.  The all take configuration and knowing basic network - like how to find a NAS over wifi or ethernet. 

If your fanless computer is Windows or Mac you'll be able to set something up that allows you to have a similar local file experience to Roon.  If you're using Rock or have a Nucleus (Roon OS computer) then you won't be able to use it for much else and you'll need another computing device of some sort.  Many streamers will support local files.

What you want to do is pretty basic to a digital audio veteran.  But yeah it's a new world from analog or if Roon was plug n play for you.  Try Plex...

You "network guys" are something else.

I did home automation, distributed audio, home theater, security, etc. for several decades. Each time I’d attend (required) vendor training sessions on networking gear, I considered myself an expert for at least 45 minutes after the session was over. Then it was back to what I did best: configuring devices that made noise, or produced an image.

It could have been childhood trauma, but the "networking" section of my brain didn’t fully develop. You guys who can sling data around a home (without dropouts and dead spots) deserve accolades and (financial) rewards. You’ve earned it. These days, devices that make noise or produce images don’t make noise or produce images without a stable, reliable network. You win!

that is one of the reasons I have kept my legacy sources(turntables, CD, players, and even iPod docks). That is also why I have kept my albums and CDs.

Ok thank you gumbedamit I have 1Terabyte of Flac files on my Solid state 

drive  how could I access this to play ,and how can I pick out the music i want to play if say my ptovider Spectrum is down ?  
how can I choose ,access of the music ?

I am used to pick everything on my iPad .if I bought say a Innuous with a hard drive 

and streaming can I then maybe do this easier then my purpose built , computer ?

thanks all for the assistance 🙏👍


I'm a network engineer/architect by profession,  just wanted to get that out of the way.

The easiest answer to your question,  your internet provider connects through your WAN which is external to your local network,  LAN. Even if your WAN is down you should still have access to your local resources, ( music server). Unless your software needs to see an external WAN heartbeat,  you should be able to access your locally stored music..

I think some people confuse "service interuption" vs "network failure". The "Internet is down!" is a generic term for "things aren’t working". In the case of server/streamer/player, music files sitting on the server are not dependent on ISP functionality. As long as your network is healthy everything in your intranet should be just fine. No need to bring out the ukulele.

If things are not working and you are musically compromised, you can introduce a new topic to the group for discussion like: "Should birthdays be celebrated ON your birthday, and not another day that’s more convenient?" It could be quite engaging?

Get an Eversolo DMP-A6 and install a 2TB m.2 drive internally, then copy your music onto that. No network required. Someone else mentioned Blusound, get a Node, and an M.2 drive in an external USB enclosure, ditto. 

I just have a fanless computer  running Roon,qobuz and separate dac 

The Qobuz app (Mac, PC, or mobile) has a built-in facility to download music that be played offline.


To use it, you need to run the Qobuz app as your music player instead of Roon. Music files that you download (Qobuz uses the term "import") are encrypted and can only be played by the Qobuz app.

If you prefer the Roon user interface, perhaps you could switch over to the Qobuz app only while your internet connection is down. You can pre-download (import) enough music on Qobuz to get you through periods when you have no internet.

Turntable and streamer with hard drive. I have an Innuos streamer that holds 2500 albums. You can rip (copy) from a cd or from the the streamer. 

I copied 250GB (800 CD rips ALAC) from my computer to my phone. I can send music from it to my network player via AirPlay (Bluetooth) if there’s WiFi issues. Plus, my files are backed up on another device (phone) and they are portable.

@zappas  8-track had to sound better than cassettes because they were BIGGER, right?  So said meeself at age 17.

Pickup a portable music player that plays FLAC files and the largest SD card it will take, 256mb or 512mb on a Surfans. If possible, find one that will bypass the internal DAC so you can stream directly to your system. Then you can listen through a set of nice headphones or connect it digitally out to your system. You can even go for a walk with you music.

I haven’t read all the posts here, but hopefully someone has mentioned connecting the server directly to the streamer.  If that isn’t possible then put some files on a flash drive and play those through the streamer if it has a usb input for flash, or consider getting a portable player with storage that you can plug into the main rig .

I have had the same issues due to Roon's regular and sometimes prolonged outages. I have a BluSound Vault that has my 1000 cd collection loaded into it that though on the network is controllable via my phone and I'm certain I've used it for playback when the internet or Roon are down. 

Our xfinity service is quite good. It must be where you live that determines the quality of service. 

Xfinity - goes down more than a $20 hooker on payday. That is an intentionally crude statement in hopes Comcast might realize how embarrassingly poor their service level is.

I think a good ukulele is clearly the answer...easy to learn some chords and play anything including hip hop and EDM. Ukulele EDM? Nothing quite like it. Impress your friends with your resourcefulness and remember, you can buy one hell of a uke for whatever your internet based hifi cost.

I have Google Fiber with Google mesh router and access points.

One disturbing feature I recently discovered is that when the WAN goes down with the new router, so does my LAN. Makes no sense to me and in my 25+ years of broadband internet and 35 years of Network Admin duties,  I've never experienced this. Needless to say, no LAN...no access to my file server. At those times it's great to have my Vinyl and CD collections.

I'll be contacting Google to see if there's an option to allow LAN to stay up when internet is not present.

BFD @lalitk

Most of us have little or no choice of providers, yet. Your experience has no bearing upon us. My electricial power has not failed in 10 years. Too bad for you that yours has.

ComCrap ISP barely strings together 10 days.

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I use a Aurender with a 2TB SSD and have like 500 CS on it, I can listen to that if my Internet goes out. Or get starlink

When the network (often) goes down you lose all remote control of a network player (streamer.)  You could load a "party" (huge) playlist (if you have the files) on random. It will continue to play but remote control will be lost until the network comes back up. I know of zero non network players available in 2023. I'm keeping mine.


Roon 2.0 requires an active Internet connection at all times to work. And obviously Qobuz does as well. If your Internet connection goes down, use different software to access and play the locally stored music.

I only use Flac files no fm tuner, or phones I want to be able to access my Flac files 

how to access them ,and how to play files and pick music to play ,

when my service provider is down ?

iwas even thinking in the future like my friend to spend $500 for the Tesla starling setup then pay the $100+ for music and Audio , at a later date .

Hello To all ,I just have a fanless computer  running Roon,qobuz and separate dac 

i will purchase whatever is needed , I am just building a reference digital system

it bugs me to be crippled ,every time spectrum goes out 

when I have 1Terabytes of Flac files on a Solid state drive ,

much appreciated with any all help !!

I stream Amazon Ultra HD. Music I like I download to my LG V40 phone that's used strictly as a player. I use it I walk or can stream to my system through BT AptX or wired. No internet required. This is a great way to explore music because you can download without having to buy and it stays there while you keep the streaming service. I do also have a Bluesound node for system streaming with gigabit fiber internet. 

I must assume you are storing your files on a providers server. 

Then use a streamer with storage. Most quality streamers have options for internal storage… and sound better than other options.

What is the 1T server - is it a NAS drive?

1T = one terabyte.

2T = two terabytes.

Tidal allows downloads. Once you download and have Tidal software installed, you'll be able to play downloaded songs/tunes. It's all tied up to the license terms of the installed software and must be current.

Enjoy listening and start downloading what you might want to listen again.

Not enough info here to be able to help. What device is being used for "streaming" that cannot also pull from a local server on the local network to play FLAC??  (or any local music file types). You can play local files from a computer, tablet, phone, or a dedicated hardware player such as most every streaming device. Many receivers these days can also pull files from a location such as a server or thumb drive. I've been very happy with the Bluesound Node and it's user friendly for most anyone. Most similar players would also solve the issue.


What are using to stream? What is the 1T server - is it a NAS drive? I would think that you should be able to access FLAC files on your network irrespective of whether or not your ISP down.  I have done it with BluOS and JRiver.