i am trying to get a smooth vinyl sound from cd

Hi there
My current setup is a musical fidelity a3cr pre/power with a musical fidelity a324 dac and a teac p700 transport , i use a audioquest sdv 1 coaxial cable and kimber pbj interconnects, i listen to headphones sennheiser hd 500s, as i live in a unit, my headphone amp is a musical fidelity x-can v2,my turntable is a rega planer 2 with nagaoka mp11 mm cartridge. The problem is the turntable sounds more open and smooth, it is like the dac/transport sound is compressed ,the bass is lacking and the treble is strong and hard,I love vinyl but i am trying to get a analoge sound as lps are not that easy to buy new at a reasonable price hear in australia. Any sugestions on the my system would be greatly appreciated.

Perth. Western Australia.
You cannot go wrong with the unit,,its detailed yet velvet smooth. Best my humble ears have heard!
Check out Cary 308T with mullard tubes, end of story -- the tubed gain softens the digital.