I bought a TT--Need a phonopre

OK, I did it, I bought a music hall mmf 5.1 with a goldring1012GX MM cart. My first TT in 30 years. I am going to buy a phonopre tomorrow and I want to spend no more then $700.00 new or used. What should I get? I listen mostly to jazz.
Separates are nice...I mean Phonostage & Preamp. The choice is yours, or U can go Preamp w/ intergrated phono stage. Decide this issue firstly.
Based on your budget, I suggest you consider the Lehmann Black Cube, and maybe one of Graham Slee's units. Prior to buying my current phono pre, I owned the Black Cube with the upgraded power supply, and was very pleased with its performance for the price. If you have about $750 to spend, there is also an Acoustech PH-P1 currently for sale here on A-gon, and it is a lot more unit for the extra $50.
See my ad for a new in the box Creek phono. It can be used with MM or MC. I used one with an Music Hall MMf 5 SE, Goldring cart.
Good phono, great price.
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