I bought some Owens Corning 703. Now what?

I'm investigating the acoustics of my room. I have been doing REW scans and analyzing them with the help of a member here. I've played with sub and speaker positioning and settings to see how this affects measurement and what it sounds like. I've reached out to GIK Acoustics to get their advice.

But, because I wanted to just try some experiments before (possibly) spending a lot with GIK and/or other companies, I bought 6 OC 703 panels (2" x 24" x 48") to try, temporarily around my room, singly or in combination. I might even make my own panels if that seems worthwhile.

My question is: What are some useful experiments to do with the panels and where in the measurements might I see some changes?

Again, this is not to replace getting expert help; this is a way for me to start to learn by interactive experience how my room is affecting the sound. So, good things to try?
Would be helpful to know the details of your room--dimensions, speaker/seat position, etc.
My dimensions are complex -- diagram on this page: https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/9064

I have no side reflection points to worry about but I have a low ceiling. I have a concrete floor but it has both wall to wall carpet, thin, and area rugs on top of that. Bookshelves line the back wall and I've arranged the books to help diffuse. Front wall is brick.

Let me just stress that I'm not asking for advice (yet) about how to fix my room, but rather experiments to try.

I would start with the brick wall behind the speakers, then ceiling reflections. Make sure your wrap the panels. You do not want to be breathing fiber glass.
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